December 25, 2017

Christmas Reflections

As I write, it is lightly snowing with five inches already down and the trees dressed in their holiday finest.  In addition to shoveling and plowing, it looks like we'll be cleaning off the travel trailer for the second time within a few weeks.  But a White Christmas is always on our daughter’s Christmas list and this year she certainly won’t be disappointed. 

I’m thinking about my Mom this morning who passed three days before Christmas a number of years ago.  Her name is Angeline and an angel will always top our Christmas tree in her memory.

While Christmas is the most important holiday of the year to me due to the real reason for the season, it was my Mom who made it the most magical of holidays.  She would haul out box after box of holiday decorations (including red and green tablecloths and runners that she had sewn herself), bake dozens and dozens of Christmas cookies (with my “help”, of course!) and cook not only a mid-day Christmas dinner for our immediate family (poor Dad got stuck at home basting the turkey while we celebrated Christmas Mass at St. Joseph’s), but also create a spread worthy of any restaurant in town for her large, extended Italian family to be served Christmas night.  (I am very fortunate in that I have dozens of cousins!)  My Mom put her heart and soul into anything family-related because family was always the most important priority in her life.  I can only remember a few Christmas gifts from my childhood, but I can remember so many things my Mom did to make the holidays extraordinary ones for my brother and me and then, later, for his kids and mine.  I truly hope that all of you are blessed with one or more angels in your life.  If you are, be sure to thank them for the kindnesses they’ve bestowed upon you and the warm love they’ve brought to your life.  During this holy season, may you all enjoy happy, magical moments with your friends and family members as well as quiet and peace-filled moments in which to reflect, with gratitude, upon the blessings in your life.  Merry Christmas!

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