September 16, 2022

Views Out the Big Back Window

I’m taking a brief break from documenting our West Coast National Parks trip with two or three miscellaneous posts.  Our friend Patty recently commented that I should do a blog post about the myriad of things we’ve seen out our “big back window.”  The more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea.  So, credit for today’s post goes to Patty!

Years ago, Alan and I were beginning to talk about what our next travel trailer would look like.  We knew the kids would eventually age out from camping with us on a regular basis and we would no longer need bunk beds.  It became obvious that a big back window was going to be a requirement.  Why?  Because every time I saw a travel trailer or fifth wheel with a big back window, I’d say, “Look at that big back window!  I wish I had one like that!”  After listening to me lust after a big back window for at least a couple of years running, Alan raised no objections when I included it as a requirement at the time we began researching new travel trailers.

In 2017, Alan and I drove out to the state of Washington to buy our new Creek Side 26RLS made by Outdoors RV.  The first view out our big back window wasn’t exactly jaw-dropping since we were in the lot at the RV dealership.  But five years of exceptionally memorable views have followed that first not so exceptionally memorable one.