June 29, 2021

I Never Did Like Housekeeping

I love writing about the stunning destinations our family has visited and the countless memories we’ve made during our travels.  I do not love writing about cookies and copyrights and other legal gobbledygook.  But, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

As you may have read on other blogs that are on Google’s “Blogger” platform, Feedburner (the email subscription service that sends new blog posts to your email inbox) will no longer be operating after this month.  That means that any bloggers who used the Feedburner option will be transitioning to another platform if they want to continue to offer readers the option of receiving new posts via email.

I’ve researched a number of email subscription options and found none to be perfect.  But I’ll be transitioning before my next post goes live, keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well.

If you already subscribe to posts via email, please know that I have your email address on file and will just shift you over to the new platform.  If you link to my blog via someone else’s blog on the Blogger platform, please note that I do have a concern that my blog posts will not update properly on the other blog’s “blog roll.”  Please allow me to suggest that you subscribe via email now if you wish to remain in touch, or immediately after I transition to the new email subscription platform, if you prefer.  If you do subscribe and find that you’re not receiving new posts, please check your spam folder and then contact me at reflectionsaroundthecampfire(at)gmail(dot)com if there is, indeed, a problem.

Okay, now that we got email subscriptions out of the way, let me point out the brand new page that can be found next to “About Mary” just above this post.  Yup, “Legal Gobbledygook” is just what it sounds like – no fun at all.  But I did try to make it entertaining, and I would appreciate it if you would take a gander at it.  If you’re a fellow blogger and are aware of something that I should have included but didn’t, I’d appreciate a heads up.

Okay.  Glad all that’s done.  I never did like housekeeping.

As soon as I’ve recovered from having to write about all of this legal gobbledygook stuff, I plan to share with you our first visit to Seven Points Campground, an Army Corps of Engineers facility on Raystown Lake in Pennsylvania.  I hope you'll join us for the excursion.

“Housekeeping is like being caught in a revolving door.” (Marcelene Cox)



June 06, 2021

Acadia National Park - The Adventure Continues

In the summer of 2011, our family of four enjoyed our first ever visit to Acadia National Park in Maine.  At the time, our son, Ryan, was 17 and our daughter, Kyra, was 12.  (That awkward “tween” age would explain the response I received from Kyra when I asked the kids if I could post a particular photo of them in Bar Harbor – “Oh my God please no!”  That, my friends, is the reason I always ask first.)  My previous blog post covered some of Acadia’s history, the hiking trails we tackled and a bit about the carriage roads that we enjoyed biking.  This post details our experiences with water sports in the Park, our pilgrimage to the summit of Cadillac Mountain, some touristy fun around the town of Bar Harbor and a favorite tradition at The Jordan Pond House.