June 10, 2018

Another Favorite Place - Twin Oaks RV Park in Elko, Georgia!

Rather than just provide a complete list of my favorite websites under “Check out my favorite places!,” I decided to add them one at a time and let you know exactly why I like them.  That way, you’ll be able to determine whether or not the site might be of interest to you.  Besides, I believe that these sites do such an awesome job of providing information, opportunities and/or entertainment that it really is a pleasure to bring them to your attention!

Twin Oaks RV Park is located just off Interstate 75 at Exit 127 in Elko, Georgia.  It’s about 30 minutes south of Macon, 2 hours south of Atlanta and 2 hours north of the Florida state line.  Alan and I have never been there.  So, you ask, why is this one of my favorite places?  To answer that question, we’ll need to go back in time almost 10 years.  Here’s the story . . .

About 10 years ago, Alan and I were talking about the next phase of our lives.  We had always planned on retiring early but, these days, “retirement” can mean so many different things – leaving a full time job to volunteer or work part time in a field you love; spending days, weeks or months traveling; taking care of grandchildren; starting a business; the list goes on and on.  Many of today’s retirees are Baby Boomers and, heaven knows, we’re an active bunch of statistics.  Although Alan and I weren’t quite ready to escape from the workforce for good ten years ago, we became interested in the concept of adding an income stream to supplement our retirement savings.  As long time campers, we talked about the possibility of purchasing a campground.  It seemed like a perfect fit for us - I have a background in finance and Alan, although a system analyst by trade, is mechanically inclined.  In fact, the guy built our house and did an awesome job of it.  So, we figured that managing and maintaining a campground was a challenge that we could successfully handle and, more importantly, enjoy.

Because we are both planners and rarely impulsive, we pretty much research to death almost every major decision in our lives.  In this situation, “researching” included attending a Campground Buyers’ Workshop in Tennessee sponsored by Darrell Hess & Associates.  Darrell and his team are realtors specializing in the sale of campgrounds (link HERE).  Of course, the Buyers’ Workshops are a way for them to drum up customers, no doubt about it.  However, the enormous volume of information covered in this Workshop was nothing less than amazing and, in actuality, the firm ends up with well-educated customers – a win-win situation.  The Darrell Hess team teaches Workshop attendees everything from how to determine the profitability of a park to what's trending in camping to how to secure financing.  It was fascinating!  All members of the staff were extremely knowledgeable, exceptionally professional and quite personable.  Naturally – they’re sales people!  But the Workshop really was exceptional.

As it often happens when attending a seminar or workshop, you become friendly with one or more of the attendees around you.  In this case, my next door neighbor was John Heslup.  John and his wife Sue lived in Georgia.  He was in construction; she was in graphic arts.  John and I got to talking, went to lunch together and stayed in touch after the Campground Buyers’ Workshop had concluded.  Then our business plans diverged.  Alan and I scouted around for a campground for a couple of years.  At one point, we were actually “this close” to buying a sweet little place up in the Adirondack Mountains of New York near the Lake George vacation area.  Negotiations seemed to be going well, until the owners changed their tune and demanded a $100,000 non-refundable deposit.  Really?  Completely non-refundable?  We could sense that the realtor was frustrated with his sellers’ attitude, but there was no way we’d ever agree to a clause like that.  So, sadly, we kissed that little gem good-bye.  A few years after the Workshop, Alan and I ended up buying a different type of rental property that has worked out well for us.  But John, well, John got the real deal.  He and Sue ended up buying the attractive Twin Oaks RV Park about a year or so after attending the Workshop.  It was lovely when they bought it, but it’s even lovelier now!  They have a beautiful RV Park just off the Interstate which is, as they indicate on their web site, “halfway to everywhere!”

Twin Oaks is a Good Sam Park (hurray for those Good Sam discounts!) with a Trailer Life rating of 9/9/8.5 and a Woodall’s rating of 4 Diamonds.  The Park is big rig friendly and each site has a concrete patio and picnic table.  Camping cabins are available, too, for those who are so inclined.  There is a pool, hot tub, club house, laundry, and lending library (with a piano!).  Pets are welcome and both short and long term storage is available.  Free wireless high speed internet access is also available at all sites.

RV Park Map (stolen from the Twin Oaks web site without permission)

If you happen to be traveling on I-75 in Georgia and need a place to stay, please do consider Twin Oaks RV Park in Elko.  But don’t take my word for it – head on over to RVParkReviews.com (another one of “my favorite places!”) and see why Twin Oaks has an “Excellent” rating of 8.9 (link HERE)!  I’ll bet Managers Lisa and Mike Gannaway will provide a warm welcome and get you settled in quickly and smoothly.  And, if you happen to see the owners around, please do be sure to tell them that Mary said hello!

Life is an amazing journey and it intrigues me how we can develop connections and friendships almost anywhere.  It pleases me to no end that John and Sue were successful in their campground quest and are now enjoying the fruits of their labor.  They “done good!”  I’ve added the link to Twin Oaks on the right along with my other “favorite places” but, if you want to visit now, just link from HERE.  Thanks for taking the time to visit Reflections Around the Campfire.  Please know that you’re always welcome!


  1. Wow Mary! Thanks so much for the wonderful post about Twin Oaks! We love our little park and the people who frequent it over and over again. We surely do hope you and Alan stop by one day soon ... give us a heads up and we will do our darn best to be there! But you are right - our managers Lisa and Mike take very good care of all of our customers - leaving them feeling like family!

    1. The reviews and ratings speak for themselves. You guys are obviously doing an incredible job with Twin Oaks and it's clear that your managers support your vision. Good for you!


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