January 14, 2018

Walking the Parks - a New Favorite Place!

Guess what!  I made a new friend!  Her name is Ladona Stork and she’s the blogger behind Walking the Parks.  Ladona and I were introduced by a mutual friend (Thanks, Peg!) and, as it turns out, we have several things in common.

Although we didn’t know each other at the time, we were both compelled to start blogs related to our National Parks in the last quarter of 2017.  Both of us are absolutely passionate about the Parks and are fortunate in that we have husbands who support our love of these special places.  The guys (Ladona’s husband, Brad, and my husband, Alan), enjoy our National Parks travels just as much we ladies do and are happy participants in all of our adventures.  Ladona and I both take great pleasure in researching every last detail about our trips into the Parks from finding the perfect walking trails to locating gorgeous spots for photographs and quiet places especially suited to enjoying the solitude. 
A quiet morning in Grand Teton National Park
Whether you’re just starting out on your National Parks adventures or are a long-time fan of these spectacular places, I think you’ll find Walking the Parks (link HERE) a delightful read as well as a useful tool.  So be sure to visit Ladona and Brad and enjoy Walking the Parks with them!

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